Prof.P.Jyothi Raja
Psychologist,Life Skills Trainer,
Certified Practitioner of NLP(USA)

Our Services

In today's world counselling has become the need of the hour. In this age of competition children and teenagers are under tremendous pressure, which has taken a toll on young people, adolescents and children. Stress is causing varied behavioural patterns. Most Parents ignore such symptoms assuming that time will rectifies it automatically.

Sri Deepti Counselling Centre Provides
Child Counselling
Student Counselling
College Students Programmes
Teenage Students Programmes
Parent Counselling
Family Counselling

Corporate Training and Counselling
Employee Training and Counselling
SMART Learning Programme

We offer special packages for schools/colleges to achieve greater success in competitive environment (these modules can be included in school/college curriculum). Modules address the topics like:

Note: Package can be customized according to schools/ college requirements.

Special Counselling programme for children with learning disabilities:

Parents or teachers noticing signs of special child can approach us. Early intervention can make a difference


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